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HUAQUAN POWER has moved address, come visit our new factory at Xinzheng Industrial Park,Qingyuan West Street,Weifang Economic Development Zone,Shandong,China.

Founded in 2006, Huaquan Power Machinery  is located in the diesel engine manufacturing city, Weifang. For many years, we have become a professional manufacturer of diesel generators. Our main products include fixed, mobile, silent, ATS, remote monitoring types and other smart power plants.

These products are widely used in power generation equipment,engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fixed operations and other fields. Marketing throughout the country, we also export to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other areas.


 We have advanced production lines, sophisticated testing equipment and complete quality management system, and implement the “quality first, customer first, honesty, competition and enterprising spirit”. We also employ a group of highly qualified engineers, technicians and a support staff dedicated to the rapid development of the company.


 We are committed to providing efficient, energy-saving, eco-friendly, high-quality and reliable diesel generator sets to ensure clients’ satisfaction. We accept small orders and provide competitive price and high quality. Quick delivery time is also our advantage.

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Who We Are

Professional team, accurate and efficient is our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction is our common goal;
Happy team, we work together, play together, discuss together, progress together;
Ordinary team, we are not geniuses, but there must be a common vision and great vision to do NO.1.

China power technology team to introduce talents, international cooperation and other means to attract talent, to build personnel training base of school enterprise cooperation, and create a new situation of employment.


  • 2017  -
  • February, the expansion of production scale, the introduction of small unit production line, upgrade and enable new cars, further standardize the production process flow.

  • 2016  -
  • In November, Shandong China power Limited by Share Ltd officially listed on Qilu equity trading center

  • 2016  -
  • In January, renamed the Shandong China power Limited by Share Ltd. In April, to participate in the Dubai international power show, the acquisition of large overseas orders.

  • 2015  -
  • In May, the company participated in the Shanghai international power exhibition. In June, the signing of a single 114 units and 14 sets of large generating units, the number of single machine sales and sales volume of the first two.

  • 2014  -
  • In January, Yuchai, Weichai OEM manufacturers get authorization, integrated product line, gradually moving to the high-end. April, a full range of online platform on-line, corporate website, the official flagship store a variety of channels to display corporate image. May, product upgrades, and strengthen the high-end brands such as Volvo and Cummings.

  • 2010  -
  • In October 13th, China Weifang Power Machinery Co., Ltd. was born in a sunny day, sowing the seeds of hope, germinating in the capital of kites, the main business of research and manufacturing units.

Product advantage

The matching engine uses Cummings, Volvo, Perkins and other well-known brands, Weichai, Yuchai, strong power, stable performance.
China independent research and development of brushless motor, copper core, stable output voltage, strong ability to resist bad environment, in line with the International Electrotechnical Commission standard.
The control module is equipped with deep or trimaran control panel on the unit to four protection. A variety of alarm protection tips to effectively extend the service life of the unit.
Chassis for high strength bending chassis, thickness of 5mm, height 20cm, stable and durable. Paint process, beautiful corrosion.
The static sound box uses the high efficiency sound insulation material, the sound insulation effect is good, the interior sets the independent mute room, further reduces the noise. Convenient and easy lifting design, easy design of lifting edge arc angle, prevent bump machine, small floor space, compact body.
Mobile trailer tires more wear solid bearing strong spray, anti canopy, not easy to rust.